A.I Trading Technology Provider, Talent Pool Recruiter & Support Team:


Wall Street Has Changed. It's Now About A.I Machines Using Large Data Bases Of Our Own Information Against Us!
To Truly Succeed At Trading, You Must Also Change To Rise Against These Wall Street A.I Machines . . .
Intelvestor's Super Soldier Trading Technology
Platform And Services
For Combat Trading.
Excalibur AI Is The Name Of Our Own AI War Machine To Combat All The The Other AIs On Wallstreet!

What's Super Soldier Combat Trading?
Our Super Soldier Traders Are Gifted Trader With Access To The Same Type Of AI Technology Wall Street Is Using Against Retail Traders To Manipulate The Market And Literally Steal Money From Right Under The Nose Of The Common Trader. If You Think This Is A Made Up Story, Fantasy, Delusion, Conspiracy Theory, You're Welcome To Go About Your Business And Leave This Web Page Now.

If You Stayed, Welcome. You Won't Regret Your Decision To Pursue This Matter Further.

A.Is Running Wallstreet These Days Hunt And Trap Retail Day Traders Like Predators Do To Prey.
Intelvestor A.I Cybernetics Trading Technology Makes It Possible To Flips This Predator/Prey Role
Thus, Letting You be The One Doing The Hunting And The Trapping.
That's How Our Super Soldier Traders Trade.

Intelvestor makes this all possible!

  Introducing IntelVestor's Super Human Trading Technology Program, Platform, And Services:

Trade Using Intelvestor's A.I Cybernetics Technology To Gain The Ability To Assess, Plan And Interact Quickly
Like Only Wall Street A.I Market Maker Machines Can Do.
Welcome To Super Human Technology Base Trading!
  Hire Our Traders To Beat Wall Street Every time. We Have An Elite Talent Pool Of The Best Traders In
The World Trained To Use This A.I Cybernetic Charting And Trading Technology Platform!

  Book A Meeting Or Inquire About Hiring One Of These SuperHuman Traders Here ...

TradersForHire.Com (MercenaryTraders.Com)

Looking for extraordinary traders or technology to help you out-trade those wall street A.Is?

If you're tired of trying to find that special trader to call 'the one', you've come to the right place. The traders in our elite talent pool can perform and operate with so much surgical accuracy that it will leave you in awe! We refer to them as super human traders for a reason... because they are more than just average professional traders; they are the real deal that will make success happen for you!

Find The Perfect Tactical Assistant, Trader, or Support System For Your Team Here!

Hire a trader from our talent pool of graduates to be your champion trader, assistant trader or any other role that you wish to designate. Each graduate has earned the title "super soldier trader", because of the militant style type of tactical trading that they have been trained to do; this special training using state of the art A.I cybernetics charting and trading technology, is why you can count on them to always deliver!

A-Team Mercenary Traders (Intelvestor's Super Soldier Trading Group)

Who We Are:

A-Team Mercenary Traders is a talent pool of the world's best out of the box thinking, genius, traders in one place, working together for you
behind the scene as your research and development team. To qualify to become a registered member of this talent pool, these trader had to have demonstrated trading skills surpassing the human conditions and limitations that would normally put them at a disadvantage when trading against the wall street A.I machines that don't need to rest, sleep, eat, or drink and can instantly perform calculations and analysis to dynamically react to market conditions in the blink of of an eye, all without the doubt, hesitation or confusion that can often cripple a human trader. Trading like a machine means rarely having to deal with mechanical, mental, physical or conceptual errors brought about by physical fatigue, information overload, or just plain inexperience and reacting too slowly simply because there isn't enough time to process, analyze and react to information as a human mind against A.I machines. Most of all, let's not forget the big ones, namely not having to worry about being hampered by human emotions, ego and feelings! Human emotions, makes us do insane and irrational things and there is no room for gambling and taking a chances in trading because hoping and praying can no longer save you in this new world order of market infested by Wall street A.I machines.

Intelvestor's Super Soldier Trading Group and Training Program:

To assemble the traders of A-Team Mercenary traders, Intelvestor begins by finding traders are already gifted in their ability as traders and recruits them for training in our Super Soldier Trading Program to learn how to use Intelvestor's
proprietary A.I cybernetics charting and trading technology. This training combined with the technological enhancement tools they use, results in pushing them over the hump and be capable of doing superhuman trading!

Super Soldier Traders:

The way a gifted trader is able to trade with this charting and trading technology is extraordinary and beyond conventional trading abilities. Imagine a trader that has been trained and given the tools to trade instinctively to use reflex and muscle memory to out clock and out analyze market conditions better than Wall Street A/I machines. That's what a super soldier trader can do and that's why we refer to our traders as super soldier traders and the trading they do as super human trading, but don't just take our word for it; book an appointment to watch one of our trader trade live and see results yourself to understand just how extraordinary they are!

The Super Soldier Trading Formula:

Yes. In addition to all the technology, we have a trading algorithm and formula that literally lets us guarantee success. We obviously can't tell the public this formula not only because it's proprietary but because it will help our wall street A.I enemies develop counter measures to try and block our formula.
While we won't divulge information about our formula to you directly, you can see us using it in action live as for your proof of concept. You may ask all the questions you like; pick any stock you like and we'll trade it live before your very eyes on a real or demo account to show
a 100% success rate trading it.


A-TeamMercenaryTraders.Com - Your A-Team For Trading The Financial Markets!

Because All
Our Traders Use Intelvestor's A.I Cybernetics Charting And Trading Technology, We Like
To Think About Them As Super Soldier Traders
. When You Hire Even Just One Of Our Traders
This Technology,
It's Like Having Your Own Private Military And An Army Of Traders Working For You!

A.I. Technology lets traders perform and trade like super human traders:

Intelvestor's A.I. Charting and Trading Cybernetics Technology literally
let's you trade the financial markets like a cyborg machine trader. The benefits of this are simply this:

No more burning your eyes staring and looking at screens for too long or all day. No more tedious manual chart
constructions and dissections for signal calculations. Finally end the frustration in trying to decide the best way to interpret a chart. No more confusion trying to choose the best time frames to chart for trading. Our Excalibur A.I Personal Assistant Platform will take care of these things and more!

Now get all those
precision values and timing you need communicated to you on demand
instantly by your own personal A.I assistant through a proprietary cybernetic user interface connection that lets a traders interface and interact with our advance A.I. computer system like they were a cyborg machine.

We've basically eliminated the basic problems of being
hampered by human emotions, indecision and fatigue, both mentally and physically. Our proprietary user interface is so efficient at filtering and distribution of information that it's also a work around the barrier posed by human traders needing est and sleep. Mental and physical fatigue is no longer an issue because of the clarity the platform provides.

With all these enhancements, wouldn't you feel like a super man trader too?


How To Trade The Financial Markets For A Living Or Supplementary Income:

Now that you have found the place to find extraordinary traders for hire. You can stop looking and start making good money! To help you take the potential to earn a living from the financial market seriously, we’ve streamlined the process and made it very simple for you. Simply look up how much monthly income you need to find out how much trading capital you need. We'll connect you with extraordinary traders for hire and show you how to make it happen to start making that income almost right away!

How's This For Incentive:
If We Don't Make The Minimum Monthly Net Income Shown For Each Month, We'll Give Up Our Salary And Expense Charges To Get You There!

Monthly Income Without Capital Protection Assurance  (Plan A):

Worried about risk?

There's a reason we call ourselves "A-Team", Mercenary Traders And Refer To Our Traders As Super Soldier Traders...

Intelvestor's A-Team Mercenary Traders are super soldier traders, when you hire one of us to get the job done, that's exactly what they'll do. Our motto is no retreat and no surrender. Failure is not an option.

We may lose the occasional battle, but we will rarely ever lose the war, and even if we did, losses are on us; your starting capital can be protected and secure against loss. Just enroll in our capital protection assurance program if you're nervous about losses and need a guarantee that your capital will be topped up back to it's original starting value each month should a loss ever happen. You may choose to cancel your enrollment in this program at any time after you have gained the trust and confidence it what we do.

Monthly Income With Capital Protection Assurance  (Plan B):
        Captital Protection Assurance Option

How To Get Started:

We have a 3 stage starting process . . .

Stage1 - Proof Of Concept. We obviously can't give out all the fine details our proprietary trading technology or trading
            algorithms, but we will, however, can definitely let you watch your trader making profit, at will, on demand, before your
            very eyes. Like they say, seeing is believing! Ask all the questions you want while you watch and participate in the trades

Stage2 - Walk Through Of Account Opening And Trading Process

Stage3 - Finalize Hiring, Trading, and Payment Agreements.